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A New Theme

I was using Chateau as my theme and I changed the theme to Choco.  The main difference other than the theme change is the new theme does not use a masthead.  Here is the old theme:Image

Personally I liked the old theme but the new theme is nice too.  Themes are very easy to change, find it, click activate, and then there it is.  As with everything in WordPress it is very plug and play.  

As for SoundCloud, I joined the site but I do not have a mic nor a webcam to make new files.  

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Website Survey Link

So, the survey is linked above and I have to say that the JotForm site makes making forms for your site easier than building the coding and allows you to customize them to your needs.  I would use it if I did not already have a lot of forms built for plug and play. Also I have concerns about running surveys through a third party site. I would rather keep a lot of the surveys that I send to my customers in house.

JotForm and Surveys

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