Final Project Mockup

So for my final project I will be building a portfolio of all of my previous and current work. The idea of the site is to link it to my company’s website as a taste of what I can do as a webdesigner. I will be using all of my resources to show off the kinds of things that I can include in a website. I have been wanting to do this for a few months now and this is my opportunity to do it. Usually I hold myself back from going all in and just having fun with my designs but this will be my opportunity to go back and make a site for fun rather than work.

project idea

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A New Theme

I was using Chateau as my theme and I changed the theme to Choco.  The main difference other than the theme change is the new theme does not use a masthead.  Here is the old theme:Image

Personally I liked the old theme but the new theme is nice too.  Themes are very easy to change, find it, click activate, and then there it is.  As with everything in WordPress it is very plug and play.  

As for SoundCloud, I joined the site but I do not have a mic nor a webcam to make new files.  

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Website Survey Link

So, the survey is linked above and I have to say that the JotForm site makes making forms for your site easier than building the coding and allows you to customize them to your needs.  I would use it if I did not already have a lot of forms built for plug and play. Also I have concerns about running surveys through a third party site. I would rather keep a lot of the surveys that I send to my customers in house.

JotForm and Surveys

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Domains and Registrars

I used for both registering my domain and hosting the site.  I know their commercials are a little unorthodox but their service has always been top notch and I have always used them as a one stop shop for both registering domain names as well as hosting all my sites.  To register takes less than 5 minutes and then to add it to my preexisting hosting plan took about another 5 minutes.  I have used other “cheap” registrars and quickly realize that they are just that, cheap.  GoDaddy might be a buck or two more than the others but the ease of use and customer support that comes with it more than makes up for it.

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Images and Old Code

A Photoshop Joke

Explain in your own words, using two or three full sentences, why you should save images at the size you will be using them on a web page.

You should never put an image on a website that is smaller than how it is displayed because it will pixelate and look “blocky”. If you make an image larger than it is displayed on the site then the web browser can miss the code and then display the image at full size or the image could be displayed with bad dimensions leaving the image distorted.

What is the main difference between gif, jpg and png file formats?

GIFs are great for displaying a large image with a lot of detail but few colors. They also allow transparent backgrounds. Many vectors are gifs and they can be animated by splicing many individual frames together. Gifs are one of the oldest file extensions on the internet.

JPEGs use more colors and is the most popular image extension on the internet. They are perfect for displaying camera taken pictures. Many digital cameras automatically save images as jpegs.

PNGs are a mix of both. The extension displays high color palettes as well as allowing transparent backgrounds. The extension is now my personal favorite extension but some older browsers do not display them.

What does old code refer to?

Old code is code from previous versions of HTML. Most of the time when you say “old code” the new version has one way to do an action but it used to be done differently. Currently we are on HTML5 but some codes from the old HTML versions still work in the current version meaning some “old code” is can still be used.

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A Cup of Coffee

from bean to wonderful

a perfect cup of coffee

This is how I make a perfect cup of coffee.

How to make a cup of coffee:

Before and After Grinding beans A Percolator A cup of coffee

To make a perfect cup of coffee, the first step is to grind the beans. I personally drink a light roast coffee due to its smoothness and how it is less bitter than other roasts. I grind the beans until it is about the size of coarse grains. Next I use a percolator rather than a drip or press maker. Maybe it is because my grandfather used one but I think it makes coffee the best. Once made, add cream and sugar to personal taste.

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Text Editors

For many years I used the regular notepad and it served me quite well.  In the days of the 3.5″ floppy I remember have cases full of html codes saved.  It saved time to write or find a particular piece of code and then just keep it on a disc for when I needed it.  Notepad was easy because when you copy and paste from it there is no coding that comes from it, only the text of the code.  

I was introduced to Notepad++ about a year ago and I have to admit that I like the ability to tier the code.  Also the text auto-coloring for particular tags allows for quick debugging. The GUI reminds me of Matlab, which I have used in the past.  The only problem that I have with it is that the spell check is in the Queen’s English so many of the corrections are not wrong in American English.  Other than that I would recommend it to anyone.

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